Best Golf Training Aids For Swing Speed

Best Golf Training Aids For Swing Speed

Just admit it. It’s a terrible feeling when one of your best mates, or even worse, one of your family members, sends the ball 30 yards past yours off the tee. When this happens, it usually results in a helpless sinking feeling, otherwise known as inadequacy. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure this torture for much longer.

If you invest in one (or several) of the training aids in this buyer’s guide, you could literally gain 20 extra yards with your driver, provided you actually follow the training protocols that these training aids advocate. 

And before you doubt the efficiency of these products, keep in mind that every single long drive professional and the vast majority of PGA professionals are currently using some form of overspeed training. It offers a bankable way to reduce the difficulty of the game, by increasing your length off the tee, and thereby decreasing the length of your approach shots. Engaging in overspeed training is arguably the easiest way to get better at golf, and there is a direct connection between how far you hit the ball, and how low your handicap is. 

With that out of the way, let’s get stuck into this selection of golf training aids for swing speed specifically. 

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SuperSpeed Golf Training System

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is the most popular overspeed training aid on the market today. It is used by PGA Tour Players, European Tour Players, Korn Ferry Tour Players and LPGA Tour Players.

One of the main reason that the SuperSpeed Golf Training System has achieved such widespread popularity is because the system works. If you follow the workout recommendations included with the Speed Stick set, you can introduced the possibility of adding anywhere between 5-15 miles of clubhead speed.

This translates to a potential increase in driver distance ranging from 15 to 40 yards, depending on how much clubhead speed you gain, and how firm the fairways are at your local golf club.

Ultimately, the SuperSpeed Golf Training System is the most tried and trust golf training aid for swing speed. You basically can’t go wrong with this choice. 

Rypstick Golf Distance Training System

The Rypstick is based on the same overarching principles as the SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid. The fundamental difference is that it only uses 1 shaft, rather than 3 separate shafts. Instead of changing between speed sticks, you change the settings of the Rypstick by screwing weights on and off.

This allows you to achieve settings that are lighter than your driver, and settings that are heavier than your driver, which is the basis of any effective overspeed training system.
Even though the Rypstick is a newcomer in the speed stick market, it has two key advantages over the SuperSpeed Training System.

Key Advantage 1: It is very easy to travel with the Rypstick. Instead of adding 3 additional sticks to your golf bag, you simply need to slot in 1 extra stick to your bag.

Key Advantage 2: The Rypstick includes a counterbalance mechanism that can be screwed into the top of the grip. The counterbalance mechanism allows you to increase your hand speed, which is an important component of swing speed training.

Momentus Golf Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer

The Momentus Golf Speed Whoosh is an ultra long, ultra light swing speed training aid. The men’s version is literally 48 inches long, which is about 3 inches longer than a standard men’s driver.

More importantly, if you swing the Speed Whoosh like you swing your driver, you will automatically swing up to 20 mph faster than your driver. This is because the Speed Whoosh is so much lighter and so much longer than a standard driver. As a result, you will achieve swing speeds that your are totally unfamiliar to your body.

According to Momentus, you can increase your driver clubhead speed by as much as 7-10 mph after just 6 swings with the Speed Whoosh. From our perspective, this claim might be a slight exaggeration, stemming from an overly ambitious marketing team. Nevertheless, swinging the Speed Whoosh can definitely help your body achieve unprecedented swing speeds.

In addition to more clubhead speed, the Speed Whoosh can also help improve your timing. This is because of the magnetic sliding timing ball, which is designed to help you feel the difference between casting (releasing too early) and releasing the clubhead at exactly the right time.

In other words, the Speed Whoosh unlocks two major benefits.

  • Benefit 1: A verifiable method for increasing your swing speed
  • Benefit 2: An excellent way to improve your timing when swinging at high speeds.

Orange Whip LightSpeed

The original Orange Whip is one of the most popular golf training aids ever created. It is a great tool for teaching you to hold and release lag naturally.

The Orange Whip LightSpeed also embraces these principles, but it has the added benefit of being considerably lighter than the original orange whip.
This allows you to swing the training aid significantly faster, which can lead to clubhead speed increases of up to 20%.

Crucially, the Orange Whip LightSpeed doesn’t just increase swing speed. It also helps you improve rhythm, balance and timing, which can translate to golf shots that are both longer and straighter. It could be a very good choice for someone hoping to enhance their technique and their speed with one training aid. 

LagShot Golf Swing Trainer

If there’s one thing that separates amateurs and professionals when striking a golf ball, it’s the ability to harness and release lag.

Where many amateurs have a tendency to cast the club (ie release all their power too early in the downswing), professionals are masters of releasing that lag through the impact zone. Learning how to release the club efficiently can dramatically improve your smash factor and swing speed, the two most important variables when calculating driving distance.

This is where the LagShot golf comes to the rescue. This particular training aid has a super flexible shaft, which can teach you more about lag in a single practice session than a stiff shaft ever will.

The only way to hit the Lag Shot Golf efficiently is by learning how to harness and release lag. However, you need to be warned. Learning how to hit the Lag Shot Golf training aid well can take a bit of time. It’s not an instant quick-fix recipe. You will need to spend a fair bit of time on the practice range before you truly unlock the physical principles that the lag shot golf promotes.

Partage Golf Smash Bag Impact Trainer

The whole point of smash bags is to help you unleash your instinctive ability to hit an object hard.

When standing over a golf ball, it’s very easy to get bogged down with an overabundance of swing thoughts. In most cases, focusing too much on technique can rob you of your natural athletic abilities.

Thankfully, a smash bag presents you with a very simple premise. Hit the bag super hard with your golf club. Over time, you should find that working with a smash bag helps improve your smash factor, and your ability to release the club at the bottom of the swing (rather than casting at the top).

Speed Sensors To Measure Swing Speed

If you are going to investing in a training aid for swing speed, it can be very helpful to invest in a swing speed radar at the same time. These tools allow you to accurately measure your clubhead speed, providing verifiable evidence that your swing speed is actually increasing. While the Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar is accurate and affordable, the other launch monitors listed below will give you additional information, such as swing path, angle of attack, spin rates and more.

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Blue

A Super simple and relatively affordable swing speed radar. If you just need accurate measurements of swing speed and ball speed, this is probably the best choice

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

An advanced swing speed sensors and portable launch monitor.  The Rapsodo mobile launch monitor included real-time video feedback comes with a SHOT TRACE and DATA OVERLAY making it easier than ever to understand cause and effect. Access your stat history to view AVERAGES, DISPERSION, TRAJECTORY and STANDARD DEVIATION for each club

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

The Swing Caddie SC200 includes a Practice Swing Mode which you can measure and practice swing speed without hitting the ball. It also gives you Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed and  Smash Factor. The Measuring Range is 30-320 Yds.

FlighScope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor

The FlightScope Mevo can measure carry distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin, apex height and flight time. You can also use the Mevo app to automatically capture data and video on your mobile device.

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