SuperSpeed Golf vs Rypstick

SuperSpeed Golf vs Ripstick

SuperSpeed Golf and Ripstick are essentially two different variations of the same thing. They are both overspeed training aids that can literally help you increase your clubhead speed by over 10 miles per hour (mph), provided you use them regularly and follow the workouts that are included with each training aid.

Up until now, the SuperSpeed system has essentially dominated the overspeed training aid market. However, this market has grown substantially over the last couple of years, with thousands of professionals and amateurs turning to overspeed training as a valid way to improve their golf game.

This has opened up space for competitors like Ripstick to enter the market, and as you will soon find out, Ripstick has actually changed the speed training game, from a convenience perspective.

Key Similarities - SuperSpeed vs Ripstick

SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid

Rypstick Training Aid

Key Differences - SuperSpeed vs Ripstick

Product Name



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Counter Balance





Whistle Sound

3 Speed Sticks vs 1 Speed Stick

You need only look at the product images to quickly realize that the SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid includes 3 separate speed sticks, whereas the Ripstick only includes 1 speed stick. From our perspective, this makes the Ripstick a lot more convenient. It takes up far less space in your bag, and it doesn’t take very much time to screw the weights on and off the Ripstick.

That being said, if you plan to do most of your speed training in your garage or your backyard, you might find that the SuperSpeed 3 club setup is actually preferable. You can save a fair amount of time by instantly switching between each stick in the set. You don’t have to spend any time screwing weights on and off.

So from a convenience perspective, they actually cater to different needs. The Ripstick is far more convenient to travel with. It is easy to simply slot it into your golf bag. You don’t have to lug around 3 extra clubs.

The SuperSpeed Golf system is more convenient if you plan on doing all your speed training at home, in your garage, or in your backyard. You don’t have to tinker with the training aids at all. This can save you a bit of time and eliminate the hassle of screwing weights on and off.

Counter Balance Mechanism

Many people might not realize that the full SuperSpeed Golf Training System actually has a separate product called the SuperSpeed C. This product quite literally costs an extra 100 dollars, and it isn’t included with the standard SuperSpeed set.

On the other hand, the Ripstick includes a counterbalance mechanism that can be screwed on and off the grip end of the club as needed.

Apart from the money that you save by not having to purchase another product, the counterbalance mechanism can also help you develop your hand speed. It literally adds in an extra measure of leverage to help you increase hand speed, arm speed, lag angles, and wrist mechanics.

Based on this, it is fair to say that the Ripstick represents better value for money. You can basically save $100, by not having to fork out an extra training aid.

They Make Slightly Different Sounds

When you swing the SuperSpeed training aid, it sounds similar to swinging your driver at top speed. This translates to a nice whipping sound, which is probably a bit louder than you’re used to, especially with the lightest club in the set which you should be able to swing significantly faster than your driver.

With the Ripstick, they have literally built-in mini air vents which make a pretty cool ‘swooshing’ sound. You could also call it a slight whistle.

There is actually a valid reason for the built-in swoosh. It acts as a feedback mechanism for your training sessions. The louder the swoosh, the faster you are swinging the Ripstick. You can basically get a sense of your clubhead speed, without looking at a launch monitor or swing speed radar.

SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid

Rypstick Training Aid

How Does Overspeed Training Work?

1. Lighter = Faster

Put it this way. If you were to reduce the weight of your current driver, you would see an instant lift in your swing speed, without any conscious effort or swing manipulation. This is why SuperSpeed and Ripstick have a ‘light’ setting.

When you swing a lighter club, your body will automatically move faster than it normally does. It’s a bit like lifting the physiological handbrake that has been acting on your body.

So lighter = faster. That’s arguably the most important component of overspeed training.

2. Increasing Your Physiological Limits

If you want to increase your speed or strength in any athletic movement, you have to find a way to go beyond what your body is currently capable of.

With weight training, this translates to maximum power training, using weights as close as possible to your 1 rep max. In other words, you literally spend significant chunks of time exploring the upper limit of what you are physically capable of.

With overspeed training, you are employing similar principles. Within 30 minutes of using the SuperSpeed or Ripstick, you can experience a 3-5% jump in your maximum swing speed. This is not something you can ‘will’ yourself into achieving. Like it or not, your body and your central nervous system have established a baseline swing speed. It literally only takes one overspeed training session to reset this baseline swing speed to a higher level.

3. Ingraining Higher Swing Speed Into Your Golf Game

Even though it only takes one session to feel the impact of overspeed training, it will take a bit longer to ingrain your newfound speed on the golf course.

For instance, SuperSpeed suggests that it takes about 6 – 8 weeks for the gains that you experience in training to normalize into your swing.

This is more a word of warning than anything else. While the swing speed gains of overspeed training can be proven in less than 20 minutes, you need to follow the training programs for about 2 months for the gains to normalize.

SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid

Rypstick Training Aid

Video Comparisons

SuperSpeed vs Rypstick Unboxing Video

2nd Swing Golf Comparison Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SuperSpeed Golf worth the money?

In a word, YES. SuperSpeed Golf and Ripstick are definitely worth the money. They offer a reliable method for increasing your swing speed, meaning longer shots off the tee, and shorter approach shots. When combined, this makes golf an easier sport to play. It really is that simple. That’s why Bryson DeChambeau is so committed to this strategy. It works, for both amateurs and professionals alike.

Does SuperSpeed Golf really work?

It most certainly does. Overspeed training is arguably the simplest way to lower your golf scores because the results are so predictable. While it is entirely possible to spend time on the practice range worsening your bad golf habits, overspeed training is immune to this particular problem.

In other words, practicing the wrong things can make your golf worse, whereas overspeed training will simply make it easier for you to hit the ball further. The further you hit the ball, the easier golf becomes. If you don’t believe this, imagine what would happen if you changed from the championship tees to the lady’s tees, on any golf course. In almost all cases, your scores would be significantly lower off the lady’s tees rather than the championship tees.

Ultimately, overspeed training is a reliable way to effectively ‘shorten’ the golf courses that you play on. Shorter = easier, if all other variables are the same.

SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid

Rypstick Training Aid