Nelly Korda Driving Distance Stats

Nelly Korda Driving Distance Stats

Nelly Korda is a superstar golfer that claimed the No.1 spot in the world, midway through 2021. In addition to being one of the longest hitters on the LPGA Tour, Korda is also exceptionally accurate, consistently hitting more than 73% of fairways in regulation.

When you look at her stats, it should be pretty clear that there are no real weaknesses to her game. She is incredibly good at every facet of golf, and her driver is a powerful weapon that consistently puts her in a position to attack the golf course. Now let’s take a more detailed look at her driving distance stats. 

Nelly Korda Driving Distance Stats

YearDriving DistanceLPGA Ranking

When you look at Nelly Korda’s driving distance stats, it’s pretty clear that she has always been long off the tee, and she appears to be getting longer with each passing season.

In her rookie season, she placed in the top 30 in driving distance, averaging 260.71 yards off the tee.
Clearly, there was room to improve her swing speed, however. She has since gained between 2 to 6 yards with each season on the LPGA Tour.

  • 2021 – 275.12 Yards
  • 2020 – 271.96 Yards
  • 2019 –  270.05 Yards
  • 2018 – 263.85 Yards
  • 2017 – 260.71 Yards

Based on these stats, it’s fair to suggest that Korda’s clubhead speed is about 106 mph, and she can hit the 110mph mark with an aggressive swing.

Nelly Korda Driving Accuracy Stats

YearDriving AccuracyLPGA Ranking

At first glance, you might assume that Nelly Korda isn’t particularly straight off the tee, given that she has ranked between 45 and 76 in driving accuracy over the course of her LPGA career. However, to gain a better sense of perspective on how accurate she actually is off the tee, it’s worth noting that her stats would place her in the top 10 on the men’s PGA tour, quite comfortably.

For example, in 2021 Brendon Todd was ranked number 1 in driving accuracy on the PGA tour, hitting 75.25% of fairways in regulation, with an average driving distance of 274 yards. By contrast, Korda hit 76.16% of fairways in regulation, with an average driving distance of 275.12 yards. In other words, in 2021 Korda was longer and straigther than the straightest hitter on the PGA tour (Brendon Todd).

In all of her seasons on the LPGA tour, her lowest recorded driving accuracy was 72.45% in 2018. Her best driving accuracy season was 2021, when she hit 76.16% of fairways in regulation, while maintaining an average driving distance of 275.12 yards.

It is pretty clear that Korda’s combination of driving distance and driving accuracy helped elevate her to No. 1 in the world in 2021. Obviously her ability to close out golf tournaments and winning her first major at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship were also crucial to her attaining the No.1 spot.

Final Thoughts

Taking an in-depth look at Nelly Korda’s driving distance stats should make it pretty clear that she has an extremely efficient golf swing that appears to be getting better over time.

Her swing speed is also getting faster, and she’s starting to rack up regular tour victories. It’s only a matter of time until she collects another major.

Ultimately, Korda is the cream of a genetically gifted crop that could be called the most gifted sports family in the world, at this moment in time.

  • Her sister, Jessica Korda, consistently ranks inside the top 20 female golfers in the world.
  • Her brother, Sebastian Korda is ranked inside the top 50 male tennis players in the world.
  • Her father, Petr Korda was ranked as the 2nd best male tennis player in the world in February 1998.

And of course Nelly Korda become the No.1 female golfer in the world, midway through 2021. Whichever way you look at it, the Korda’s are gifted athletes, and Nelly appears to be the most talented of them all.

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