Which Titleist Driver Is Right For Me

Which Titleist Driver Is Right For Me

Quick Summary

There are effectively 4 different types of Titleist Drivers, and they are built for 4 different types of players.

Titleist TSi1

Titleist TSi1 Driver - Image 1

The TSi1 is classified as an ‘ultra lightweight’ driver that will best serve high handicappers and beginners with slow swing speeds.

Best Suited To: High Handicappers & Beginners with Slow Swing Speeds

Titleist TSi2

The Titleist TSi2 offers an excellent combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness. It caters to low handicappers, mid handicappers, and high handicappers. You can’t go too far wrong with the TSi2.

Best Suited To: Low, Mid & High Handicappers that want distance and forgiveness

Titleist TSi3

Titleist TSi3 Driver - Image 1

The Titleist TSi3 is the bread and butter choice for mid and low handicappers with reasonably high swing speeds. The TSi3 is designed to produce a penetrating ball flight, that travels a country mile when struck well. The only caveat is that is slightly less forgiving than the TSi2.

Best Suited To: Low & Mid Handicappers with reasonably fast swing speeds

Titleist TSi4

Titleist TSi4 Driver - Image 1

The Titleist TSi4 is by far the most difficult Titleist driver to hit at this moment in time. It is classified as an ‘ultra-low spin driver‘ which means you have to make good contact with a positive angle of attack in order to unleash the distance potential of this club. The TSi4 is a double-edged sword. If you have a fast swing speed and you hit it well, it will travel forever. However, if the strike isn’t great and your swing speed isn’t super fast, your ball flight will be too low in most cases.

Best Suited To: Elite amateurs and professionals with exceptionally fast swing speeds

Detailed Explanation of Each Titleist Driver

Titleist TSi1

Titleist TSi1 Driver - Hero Image

If you struggle to hit the ball far or you have a tendency to hit your driver too low, you should definitely consider the Titleist TSi1. Of all the drivers in the Titleist lineup, it is the most well suited to beginners and high handicappers.

Titleist TSi1 Launch Characteristics

Titleist TSi1 - What You Need To Know

The TSi1 comes in three different default lofts, namely 9°, 10°, 12°. It is the only driver in the Titleist family that includes a 12° default loft option. If you were to select this version, you could crank it all the way up to 13.5° degrees, if you really struggle with hitting the ball too low.

The TSi1 offers a combination of high launch and mid spin. This recipe is ideal for players that struggle with a low ball flight. You should see an immediate improvement in carry distance if your current driver travels too low.
The Titleist TSi1 is literally built for slow swing speed players. This makes it ideal for older golfers, beginner golfers, and high handicappers that struggle to produce speed.

Titleist have included two key features that can help unlock extra swing speed. The first is a slightly longer shaft than the rest of the drivers in the line-up. The second is an ultra-lightweight shaft and clubhead, which should translate to a few extra miles of clubhead speed. For some players, that could mean an increase of 10 yards or more off the tee.

Titleist TSi2

Titleist TSi2 Driver - Hero Image

The Titleist TSi2 appeals the largest handicap range, because it offers a very attractive combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness.

For instance, an 18 handicap with a moderate swing speed could easily put the Titleist TSi2 in the bag, while there are also some professionals like Sungjae Im who choose to play the TSi2 as their default driver.

In other words, the TSi2 literally caters to players ranging from scratch or better, all the way to 18+ handicappers.

Titleist TSi2 Launch Characteristics

Titleist TSi2 - What You Need To Know

The Titleist TSi2 is built to launch high with low spin, while offering maximum forgiveness across the entire driver face.
If your swing speed is anywhere between 90mph to 110 mph with the driver, you may find that the TSi2 gives you the best carry numbers, due to the launch and spin characteristics.

Unlike the TSi1, which is primarily for slow swing players and beginners, the TSi2 caters to the entire spectrum of golfers.

If you’re trying to decide between the TSi2, the TSi3 and the TSi4, it is worth noting that the TSi2 is the easiest to hit, meaning that you can get away with poor contact and still produce a reasonably good shot.

Titleist TSi3

Titleist TSi3 Driver - Hero Image

The Titleist TSi3 is a bit more demanding than the TSi2. More specifically, you need to have a fast swing speed and make good contact in order to unleash the true distance potential of the TSi3. However, when you do make good contact, the TSi3 should travel a fair bit further than the TSi2, in most conditions.

Titleist TSi3 Launch Characteristics

Titleist TSi3 - What You Need To Know

The TSi3 offers a combination of mid-launch and low spin. This means that it will produce a penetrating ball flight that can pierce through the wind and run out for miles when the fairways are firm.

In order to consider putting the TSi3 in the bag, you need to have a clubhead speed over 100mph with the driver.

The TSi3 is best suited to low handicap, high swing speed players that know how to find the sweet spot of a driver face.
If you do make the switch to the TSi3 and you spend some time optimizing your angle of attack, you could unlock an extra 10 yards of distance, without increasing your clubhead speed.

Titleist TSi4

The Titleist TSi4 is the least forgiving driver in Titleist’s currentl line-up.
It can be classified as an ‘ultra low spin driver’ which means you have to have a ridiculously fast swing speed to maximize the distance potential of this club.
The Titleist TSi4 will best serve elite amatuers and professionals. Mid handicappers and high handicappers need to steer clear of this particular driver. It is not a good fit for slow swing speed players.

Titleist TSi4 Launch Characteristics

Titleist TSi4 - What You Need To Know

The TSi4 offers a combination of mid launch and super low spin. This means that it can travel the furthest of all the Titleist drivers, but in order to unleash that distance, you need to have a swing speed of at least 110 mph. To be honest, 115mph+ is almost the minimum swing speed requirement.

Ultimately, you need to be a talented and supremely athletic golfer to consider putting the Titleist TSi4 in the bag. It can serve elite golfers very well, but by the same token, it is a very poor fit for mid and high handicap players.

If your swing speed is less than 110 mph or your handicap is over 5, the TSi4 probably isn’t the best choice. However, if you are hovering in the region of scratch and you can crank your driver above 115 mph, the TSi4 could be the longest driver available on the market right now.


If you are a high handicapper with a slow swing speed, the Titleist TSi1 will almost certainly be the best fit. The TSi1 has an ultra-lightweight design while offering a high launch and mid spin combination that can produce the best carry numbers for high handicappers.

However, if you are a high handicapper with a fast swing speed, the Titliest TSi2 might be the better fit. The Titleist TSi2 is also very forgiving, but it produces a more penetrating ball flight that can deliver more distance to players with a moderate to fast swing speed.

For most players, the TSi2 will be the most forgiving, while offering a great combination of distance and accuracy.
With that being said, slow swing speed players might find the TSi1 a bit easier to hit, because it launches high while generating more backspin than the TSi2.

Ultimately it comes down to swing speed. Players with a moderate or fast swing speed should find the TSi2 the most forgiving, while slow swing speed players should find the TSi1 the most forgiving.

By default, Titleist drivers have a neutral ball flight.

However, with the Titleist SureFit hosel, you can simply increase the draw bias or fade bias of any modern Titleist Driver.

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