Titleist T300 vs Ping G425 Irons Comparison

Titleist T300 vs Ping G425 – Irons Comparison

In this detailed comparison, we take a look at the differences between the Titleist T300 vs Ping G425 Irons.

Importantly, both of these sets can be classified as ‘game improvement irons’, which means that they are targeting mid and high handicap golfers that can benefit tremendously from game improvement technology.

In terms of handicap range, the T300’s and the Ping G425’s effectively cater for players ranging from a 10 to 24 handicap with a moderate-to-high swing speed. On this point, if you have a very slow swing speed, the T400 irons might actually be better suited to your needs.

Despite the intended handicap range, there are actually quite a few single-digit handicappers that game the Ping G425’s and the T300’s. If they make the game easier for high handicappers, you best believe they will make the game easier for low handicappers as well. This is somewhat reassuring, especially if you are planning to lower your handicap over time.

Now that you know a bit more background into each club, we can dive into the details of this comparison.

Loft Comparison - Titleist T300 vs Ping G425 Irons

LoftTitleist T300Ping G425
4 Iron20°19.0°
5 Iron23°22.0°
6 Iron26°25.0°
7 Iron29°28.5°
8 Iron33°32.5°
9 Iron38°37.5°
P Wedge43°42.5°
G Wedge48°47.5°
S Wedge53°52.5°
L Wedge58.0°

As you can see in the table above, it is pretty clear that the G425’s actually have slightly lower lofts, across the set. In the lower irons (4, 5, 6), the G425’s have one degree less loft. Then from the 7 iron all the way to sand wedge, the Ping G425’s are half a degree stronger than the Titleist T300s.

The last point on lofts is simply that the G425 irons go all the way down to lob wedge (58 degrees) whereas the T300 set stops at sand wedge (53 degrees). This means that you would need to invest in a separate lob wedge, in order to complete your wedge setup.

Titleist T300 Irons

Ping G425 Irons

Length Comparison

LoftTitleist T300Ping G425
4 Iron39.00"38 7/8"
5 Iron38.50"38 1/4"
6 Iron38.00"37 5/8"
7 Iron37.50"37"
8 Iron37.00"36 1/2"
9 Iron36.50"36"
P Wedge36.00"35 1/2"
G Wedge35.75"35 1/2"
S Wedge35.50"35 1/4"
L Wedge35"

In terms of shaft length, the T300’s are a quarter-inch longer in the lower irons (4, 5, 6) and half an inch longer throughout the rest of the set.

Although the length difference isn’t too severe, most players will find it slightly easier to control clubs with a shorter shaft length.

This could potentially give the G425’s the edge in the accuracy department, although there are obviously many other factors that influence how accuracte your ballstriking is.

Offset Comparison

LoftTitleist T300Ping G425
4 Iron0.212"0.27"
5 Iron0.185"0.24"
6 Iron0.165"0.21"
7 Iron0.146"0.18"
8 Iron0.126"0.15"
9 Iron0.106"0.13"
P Wedge0.087"0.11"
G Wedge0.075"0.11"
S Wedge0.075"0.09"
L Wedge0.08"

When looking at the offset specs, it’s pretty clear that the Ping G425 irons have more offset than the Titleist T300 irons. This difference is most evident in the 5 iron, where the Ping G425 has 0.24″ of offset, whereas the T300 has 0.185″ of offset.

Broadly speaking, the more offset a club has, the easier it is to generate right to left spin. Said another way, the greater the offset, the greater the draw bias, if all else is equal.

Based on these numbers, it is fair to conclude that the Titleist T300 are likely to promote a more neutral ball flight, whereas the Ping G425’s are more likely to encourage a draw. This is an important consideration for most golfers.

If you struggle with a slice, the Ping G425’s might be the better club for your needs. Conversely if you don’t like playing clubs with lots of offset and you want a more neutral flight, the T300’s are probably the better choice.

Titleist T300 Irons

Ping G425 Irons

Product Technology Titleist T300

Titleist T300 Product Technology

With 40% more tungsten and advanced Max Impact Technology, the new Titleist T300 irons can improve your launch, distance and shot making while providing maximum forgiveness. All in a premium chrome head with the size and shape to give you the confidence to play your best golf.


  • High-launching distance
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Improved feel
  • Premium look


  • 40% more tungsten (D18 density)
  • New Max Impact technology
  • Variable face design
  • Chrome plated

Product info sourced from Titleist T300 Product Page

Product Technology Ping G425

Ping G425 Irons Product Technology

The metal-wood-style, variable-thickness face and internal geometry increase ball speed and flexing for launching shots higher and farther with stopping power to hold greens. Expanded perimeter weighting in this smaller head design sets a new standard in forgiveness for an iron its size. Available in 4-9, PW, UW, SW, LW.

Ping G425 Irons – Key Features

  • Perimeter Weighting
  • Speed-Generating Face
  • Stopping Power
  • Streamlined Look
  • Multi-Material Badge
  • Stock Shafts

Product info sourced from Ping G425 Product Page

Video Reviews

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Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s pretty clear that the Titleist T300 irons and the Ping G425 irons are designed for the same category of golfer, namely mid and high handicappers that want a club that’s easy to hit and travels far.

While the Ping G425’s have received plenty of positive reviews, when certain players have tested them side by side, the T300’s tend to win the ‘feel’ test. More specifically, the T300’s have a purer feel than the G425’s, when you make good contact with the ball.

Lastly, it is worth reiterating that the amount of offset built into each club is arguably the biggest difference between these iron sets.

The T300’s have a bit less offset, which encourages a more neutral ball flight.
The G425’s have a bit more offset, which encourages draw bias ball flight.

Lastly, it is also worth mentioning that the G425’s are a bit more expensive than the T300’s per club and obviously per set. If you’re on the fence and find that both iron sets give you similar performance numbers, you could be swayed by the T300’s based on price alone.

Nevertheless, the best thing you can do is go for a club fitting and hit each set side by side. This will give you the best understanding of which irons are best suited to the characteristics of your swing.

Titleist T300 Irons

Ping G425 Irons