This Is The Most Used Putter On The PGA Tour

Instead of listing a bunch of different putters that are very good, the goal of this article is to explain why the Taylormade Spider X is officially the top rated putter in the world, at this moment in time.

Why is the Taylormade Spider X the Best Putter in the World?

The main reason the Spider X can easily claim this honor is because it is by far the most widely used putter on the PGA tour. The only other putter to achieve a similar level of popularity was the original Odyssey 2 ball back in the early 2000’s. However, unlike the flash in the pan popularity of the original Odyssey 2 ball which faded fairly quickly, the Taylormade Spider X is only growing in popularity, as tour players continue to make it a key component of their equipment setup.

At this point, you probably want some hard facts. Not a problem. Here they are:

  • Rory Mcllroy (former World No.1) uses the Taylormade Spider X
  • Dustin Johnson (former World No.1) uses the Taylormade Spider X
  • Jason Day (former World No.1) uses the Taylormade Spider X
  • Jon Rahm (former World No.2) uses the Taylormade Spider X
  • Jin Young Ko (current Women’s World No.1) uses the Taylormade Spider X
  • It is the most widely used putter on the PGA tour
  • It is the most widely used putter on the LPGA tour
  • Even Rory Mcllroy’s dad uses the bloody Taylormade Spider X

Long story short, this putter has a plan for worldwide domination. It’s just waiting for that round where you amass a few 3 putts and find your confidence waning. That’s when it will strike a chord in your consciousness. Your dreams will be invaded by the quiet voice of the Spider X whispering “I transformed Rory from a 4 putt monster to a 1 putt machine. Give me a chance and put me in your bag, Mr amateur golfer“.

In all seriousness though, the Spider X has become the most popular putter on the PGA tour because it’s extremely forgiving, it lines up really nicely, the putter weight is very well balanced and it inspires confidence when you set it down at address. All of the players listed earlier in the article could just as easily put different putters in the bag. But because what they shoot is the primary determinant of how much they earn (in the long run), they are gaming the putter that gives them the best chance of going low.

Did the Taylormade Spider X actually improve Rory’s putting?

Oh yes. Now obviously there are other factors that contribute to a players putting stats, but the simple fact is that the putter you use is arguably the most important variable. To see just how big an improvement Rory experienced after switching to the Spider X, let’s take a look at his 2016 putting stats compared to his 2019 putting stats:

  • Total Putting (2016) – Rory Mcllroy – 161/185 (PGA tour, stats sourced from
  • Total Putting (2019) – Rory Mclroy – 20/188 (PGA tour, stats sourced from

Again, it’s pretty clear that Rory has worked hard on his putting with Dave Stockton, and that has obviously contributed to his new found confidence. Nevertheless, it is equally clear that after switching to the Spider X midway through 2018, his putting stats improved dramatically. The 2019 season is the ultimate testament to renewed putting game, and it all started with a putter switch.

What technological features does the Spider X have?

The Putter Head Is Super Stable

The Taylormade Spider X combines a heavy (320g) steel frame with a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole to provide extreme perimeter weighting in a more streamlined shape. In other words, the putter feels very balanced throughout the stroke. This can help reduce the likelihood of pushed putts and pulled putts.

It has powerful alignment features

The Taylormade True Path alignment has been optically engineered to help golfers visualize the intended target line for improved putting accuracy. As you can see in the image above, the middle line extends from the front of the putter face to the back of the mallet. This can make it very easy to visualize the path to the hole.

It includes Taylormade’s Patented Pure Roll Insert

The Spider X has a thicker Pure Roll insert which produces better sound & feel. In addition, the 45° grooves increase topspin to help the ball start and stay on its intended line. Ultimately, putters which enhance topspin will hold the line better than putters that don’t, provided you make a good stroke.

Is there anything else you need to know about this putter?

There is just one extra thing worth mentioning about the Taylormade Spider X. In short, there are two different versions, the standard version and the S bend version.

Taylormade Spider X (Standard)

The standard version of the Spider X is toe balanced. Rory, DJ, Jason Day and Jon Rahm all uses the standard version. If you have a strong tendency to push putts right (leaving the face open), the standard version of the Spider X could help you get the club face back to a square position at impact.

In other words, you are less likely to miss putts to the right you choose this version.

Taylormade Spider X (S Bend)

The single bend (face balanced) version of the Spider X is better for people who have a slight arc when putting (ie straight back, straight through).

Long story short, you are less likely to miss putts to the left if you choose the single bend version.

To help you better understand the difference between the standard version (toe balanced) and the s bend version (face balanced), take a look at this image sourced from golf digest.

As you can see in the image above, the standard (toe balanced version) favors a more curved path. The S Bend version favors a straighter path.

You can learn more about the differences between the single bend version and the slant neck version here.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself following the American PGA tour or the European PGA tour, you will soon realize just how popular this putter really is. It has become the first choice flat stick for so many professionals, because it’s easy to line up, it’s easy to control distance, and it inspires confidence at address.

Ultimately, the Taylormade Spider X combines the feel of a blade putter, with the benefits and forgiveness of a traditional mallet putter. In so doing, Taylormade have created something truly special.

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  2. TaylorMade is one of the favorite brands for a putter. It’s been a long time since I last used one. Been using Cleaveland and Ping for a while. But I think It’s time I go back to using Taylormade. Thank you for your reviews. I really appreciate it. Great article!

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