Ping i210 vs i230 Irons Comparison

Ping i210 vs i230 – Irons Comparison

The Short Answer

The Ping i230s are more attractive than the i210s. They offer slightly better feel, slightly better sound, a bit more forgiveness, and new technology to reduce how much the face twists at impact.

However, because the i210s are so similar to the i230s overall, you can save a huge amount of money by simply opting for the previous generation. They aren’t quite as soft as the i230s and they aren’t as attractive, but they still deliver in terms of feel, accuracy, and performance.

If you want the better irons, go for the i230s, but if you want better value for money, see if you can find a set of i210s.

In essence, the Ping i230 Irons offer: 

  • A lower CG and higher MOI (moment of inertia)
  • More distance and forgiveness
  • Better turf interaction thanks to the new clubhead design
  • More compact long irons for more accuracy
  • Improved grooves on the clubface for more consistent spin

Table of Contents

Loft Comparison - Ping i210 vs i230 Irons

Standard Lofts


Power Spec Lofts


Retro Spec Lofts


The first thing to note is that the lofts of the Ping i210 irons are exactly the same as the lofts of the Ping i230 irons. This applies to the default lofts, the power spec lofts and the retro spec lofts.

For most golfers, the main concern centers around whether or not they should choose the standard lofts, or opt for the more distance-friendly power spec lofts.

While this decision will vary from golfer to golfer, one key tip is to take a long hard look at the Power Spec lofts of the i230 irons. From 4 iron to gap wedge, they should offer a few extra yards of distance in each club.

Importantly, the difference between the standard lofts and the power spec lofts ranges from 0.5 degrees to 1.5 degrees. So, while they are definitely stronger, the difference is less then half a club.

Ultimately, you need consider which combination of lofts will give you the best combination of distance and gapping between irons. For many golfers, this could actually mean the Power Spec versions rather than the standard loft versions. 

Length & Lie Angle Comparison

3-iron60.0° | 39"59.0° | 39"
4-iron60.5° | 38 1/2"59.8° | 38 1/2"
5-iron61.0° | 38"60.5° | 38"
6-iron61.5° | 37 1/2"61.3° | 37 1/2"
7-iron62.0° | 37"62.0° | 37"
8-iron62.8° | 36 1/2"62.8° | 36 1/2"
9-iron63.5° | 36"63.5° | 36"
PW64.1° | 35 1/2"64.1° | 35 1/2"
UW64.1° | 35 1/2"64.1° | 35 1/2"

Offset, Bounce & Swing Weight

3-iron0.21" | 5.0° | D20.20" | 5.0° | D1
4-iron0.18" | 6.0° | D20.17" | 6.0° | D1
5-iron0.15" | 7.0° | D20.14" | 7.0° | D1
6-iron0.12" | 8.0° | D20.12" | 8.0° | D1
7-iron0.09" | 9.0° | D20.09" | 9.0° | D1
8-iron0.07" | 10.5° | D20.07" | 10.5° | D1
9-iron0.05" | 12.0° | D2.50.05" | 12.0° | D1.5
PW0.03" | 13.0° | D30.03" | 13.0° | D2
UW0.02" | 13.0° | D30.02" | 13.0° | D2

Ping i210 Product Technology

Ping i210 Product Technology

Buttery Feel

The activated elastomer insert is much bigger in volume and 50% softer, creating 25% more face contact, ensuring a pure feel at impact while also returning more energy to the ball.

More Face Contact

The additional volume of the custom tuning port, which also increases perimeter weighting and provides swingweight finetuning, allows for a 30% larger insert and creates 25% more face contact, resulting in activation of the elastomer to ensure a soft, pleasing feel.

Premium Look and Quality

A refined, more compact shape and look combined with minimal, progressive offset help convey the high-end appeal of the set.

Smooth Through Turf

The lead edge and sole profile were enhanced to improve turf interaction for distance precision with workability. A HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish repels water to greatly improve consistency from the rough and wet conditions.

Precision Grooves

Mirroring the Glide 2.0 specs, a sharper edge radius and tighter groove spacing in the pitching wedge and U-wedge provides greater precision and help prevent fliers on shots where control matters most.

Product details source from Ping i210 Product Page

Ping i230 Product Technology

Premium Feel, Sound

A consistently more pleasing feel and sound in every iron result from a four-layer cavity badge that damps undesirable frequencies, working in concert with a soft elastomer insert behind the badge in the 431 stainless steel head.

Low CG, Higher MOI

Activated elastomer saves significant weight that is re-allocated to achieve a low CG for more distance and (with tungsten toe and tip weights) increase forgiveness. The elastomer reinforces the face, providing more consistent bending and energy transfer to generate a higher, stronger ball flight.

Rounded Lead Edge

The sole design is similar to the tour-proven i210, with a more rounded lead edge and ample bounce to promote smooth turf interaction for clean, solid ball striking.

MicroMax Grooves

Precision-milled MicroMax grooves deliver consistent launch and spin for accuracy in the long irons and greater control in the short irons and wedges, especially in wet conditions where the grooves and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish ensure low launch angles with high spin.

Compact Long Irons

For consistent clubface delivery and greater accuracy in the long irons, the 3-5 irons are slightly more compact than i210, while the mid and short irons are similar blade lengths, creating a tour-preferred look across the set. Pictured above are the 4-iron (left), and 7-iron.

Consistent Gapping

The Ping i230 delivers predictable and repeatable distance with the control and playability to hit precise yardages, ensuring the gapping consistency expected of a players-style iron.

Product Info sourced from Ping i230 Product Page

Video Comparison

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s pretty clear that Ping have made some solid improvements with the release of the i230s. They look great, while delivering similar performance numbers to the i210s, albeit with a bit more forgiveness and anti-twisting technology.

Ultimately, you can’t really go wrong by testing the i230s. You could fall in love with these irons very quickly.

However, if you need to make a budget-conscious decision, the i210s will give you almost all of the same benefits, at a vastly reduced price.

The choice is up to you.