Flat Cat Putter Grip vs SuperStroke Flatso 2.0

Quick Intro

I wanted to buy the FlatCat. I ended up buying the Flatso 2.0. How did this happen?

Full Intro

I’ve spent years watching Justin Rose drain putts with the Lamkin Flat Cat grip. As someone who has recently switched to the claw style grip that has rejuvenated Rose’s career, it makes perfect sense to have a wider surface area at the top of the grip to place the fingers of your right hand.

However, the website of my local PGA store indicated that they didn’t stock any Flat Cat grips. So, I did a bit of research, and the next best alternative seemed to be the SuperStroke Flatso 2.0. As luck would have it, when I arrived at the golf shop, they had stock of the Flatso 2.0 and the Flat Cat. This left me with a decision to make.

Why I wanted the FlatCat in the first place

  • It is extremely well suited to people who putt with the claw grip (if you install it sideways)
  • It’s used by some high profile professionals (Justin Rose & Zander Lombard for example)
  • People who struggle with putting can often benefit from larger grips
  • I’m inclined to believe that it can help you keep the putter face square throughout the stroke

Why I ended up choosing the SuperStroke Flatso 2.0 instead

  • The top of the putter grip is wide and flat, just like the Flat Cat
  • The underside of the grip is much more comfortable to hold. It sits very nicely in your left hand, which is the dominant hand if you use the claw grip
  • In comparison, the Flat Cat is slightly awkward to hold if you putt with the claw grip
  • SuperStroke is also a great brand, and they have plenty of professional players on their lineup (Jordan Spieth uses the Flatso 1.0)

Am I happy with this choice?

Oh yes. I’ve become extremely comfortable with the SuperStroke Flatso 2.0, and I can’t imagine going back to a normal putter grip. 

In time, I may change putters of course, but I will definitely install the Flatso on the next putter I own. I’ve actually got my eyes on the Taylormade Spider X, but I can’t justify the purchase given how many putts I’m making with the Ping Vault Ketsch 2.0 and the SuperStroke Flatso 2.0.

Mindblowing Fact: You’re Not Supposed to Hold The Flat Cat Sideways

In other words, Justin Rose is holding it wrong. The FlatCat grip is meant to be installed vertically, rather than horizontally.

  • If you putt with a traditional grip (like Tiger) – You should use the Flat Cat vertically.
  • If you putt with the claw grip (like Rose) – You should use the Flat Cat horizontally

When you install it vertically, the Flat Cat feels very secure in your hands. In fact, one Hank Haney has this to say about the Flat Cat “There has never been anything introduced to the putting world that will have a more profound effect on golfers who struggle on the greens than this revolutionary new putting tool!” 

Even though Hank is clearly over-exaggerating (he has a tendency to go too big with his product endorsements) I think it’s super important to understand this. 

If you putt normally, installing the Flat Cat in it’s vertical position could be an absolute game-changer. It might not solve all your putting woes, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you struggle with short putts and your confidence is low.

Even though it’s relatively expensive by putting grip standards, it’s a lot cheaper than a brand new putter. Better yet, you might actually gain more of a performance boost by changing your grip rather than your putter, which makes it a very safe investment if you’re looking for more confidence on the greens.

Final Thoughts

If you putt with the claw grip:

  • Both the Flat Cat and the SuperStroke Flatso will serve you well
  • I went with the Flatso because it felt more comfortable in my left hand
  • I could easily have gone with the Flat Cat however
  • You only need to look at Justin Rose’s improved putting stats for confirmation of just how effective the Flat Cat can be for people who use the claw grip

If you putt with a normal grip:

  • The Flat Cat could be a gamechanger and it’s probably the better choice.
  •  It feels super secure when you install it vertically, and it will give you a totally new feel when you hold the putter in your hands.
  • Think ‘secure’ rather than ‘flimsy’ or ‘sturdy’ rather than ‘mushy’.
  • Intuitively, everything will feel more square when the Flat Cat is in your hands.

The Last Word

Ultimately, if you’re committed to a traditional putting grip style (like Rory and Tiger), the Flat Cat is a good last resort before you consider other putting styles or a totally new putter. If you putt with the claw grip, the SuperStroke 2.0 gives you the same benefits as the Flat Cat, it’s just a bit more comfortable to hold.

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