Best Golf Clubs For Toddlers

Best Golf Clubs For Toddlers – Buyer’s Guide – 2020 Edition

If you’re an avid golfer hoping to help you’re toddler develop a similar level of passion for the game, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we outline all the best golf clubs for toddlers and pre-schoolers. At this age, the thing that matters most is matching the length of the clubs with the height of your child. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do. There are 3 main size brackets. 

  • 33″ to 36″ – First plastic sets for toddlers
  • 36″ to 39″ – First metal golf club
  • 39″ to 42″ – First proper set of metal clubs

First Plastic Sets For Toddlers

Recommended Height: 33″ to 36″

heytech Golf Set + Golf Ball Training Machine

There are two major selling points with the heytech Golf Set + Golf Ball Training Machine.

Key Selling Point 1: You can adjust the length of the club. 

With a simple press of a button on the shaft, you can alter the length settings of the club included in this set. This makes it a very safe bet for most toddlers. You basically don’t even need to worry about the height of your child, because this club can adapt to three different length settings. 

Key Selling Point 2: 15 Plastic Golf Balls + A Built-in Tee

You will lose plastic golf balls over time. They are on par with socks and tea spoons in terms of their ability to disappear. Thankfully, the heytech Golf set includes 15 balls. This should keep you stocked up for 6-9 months easily. 

In addition, the heyTech golf machine has a built-in tee, and it’s very easy to place the ball on the tee (that’s what the machine is ultimately designed to do). This is crucial, because teeing the ball up makes it easier to hit. For skill development, it is ideal for toddlers. It can make the process of learning how to hit a golf ball a little bit easier, and a bit more fun. 

heytech Kid's Deluxe Golf Clubs Set

The heytech Kid’s Deluxe Golf Clubs Set is  the ultimate complement to the heytech Golf Set + Golf Ball Training Machine. You can think of it as a natural extension to the range, that will be suitable for your toddler when he or she gets a little bit older. 

While the clubheads are still plastic, the shafts are made out of metal. This makes the clubs a lot more sturdy than a fully plastic equivalent. The set includes  a 600D nylon carry bag, 3 type of clubs(putter , wedges, driver), 5 balls,2 different color practice holes with flag and 2 different color and height golf tees, all together adapts to different needs of your kids.

First Metal Club For Toddlers

US Kids Golf RS36 Yard Club

Recommended Height: 36″ to 39″

The US Kids Golf RS36 Yard Club could potentially be the first proper golf club that your toddler ever owns. It’s quite literally a pitching wedge for little people, with 46 degrees of loft and a flexible shaft (ideal for toddler swing speeds). It’s also built with a molded grip, that will quickly teach your child how to hold the club correctly. You can hit soft balls or even normal golf balls with this club. 

  • 21.5 in. finished club length
  • 46 degree loft
  • 100 gram head weight
  • Molded training grip
  • Lightweight Y-flex composite shaft
  • 3 soft limited-flight Yard Balls

First Metal Sets For Toddlers

Recommended Height: 39″ to 42″

US Kids Golf UL39-s 3 Club Carry Set

The US Kids Golf UL39-s 3 Club Carry Set clubs are engineered with lighter, more flexible shafts and the right club head weight to help the player get the ball up in the air with ease.

Clubs in this set:

  • 26-degree Fairway Driver (headcover included)
  • 7 Iron
  • Longleaf Putter

The only thing to keep in mind with this set is that you will need to purchase the driver separately. We have listed the companion driver below, for the sake of convenience. 

US Kids Golf UL39-s DV3 Driver

The US Kids Golf Ultralight DV3 Driver has been optimized using Trackman technology to maximize distance and forgiveness.


  • Optimal height range:  39 in. to 42 in.
  • Age Recommendation: 3-5 Years
  • WT-30s model (30% lighter club heads)
  • 250 cc volume
  • 23-degree loft
  • K-Flex graphite shaft
  • 26 in. finished club length
  • Size 39 velvet rubber grip (replacements available)

Ray Cook Golf Manta Ray 3 Club Junior Set with Bag (Ages 3-5)

Teach your youngster the correct fundamentals of golf with a set that is designed specifically for them!

The Ray Cook Manta Ray 3 Club Set features a lofted driver with matching headcover, an oversized wedge for maximum forgiveness and durability, an easy-to-align putter and a lightweight stand bag with rain cover.


  •  15 Degree Driver
  • 46 Degree Wedge
  • Ray Cook Manta Putter
  • Age Recommendation: 3-5 Years
  • Includes golf carry bag with stand
  • Includes head cover for driver

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