Best Arm Lock Putter Grips

Best Arm Lock Putter Grips

At this moment in time, there are three main types of Arm Lock Putter Grips. The goal of this post is to run you through each type of grip, with recommended products for each type of arm lock grip.

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Thin Arm Lock Putter Grips

This is the most common type of arm lock putter grip. It is basically the same width as a normal putter grip, but it is also double the length (ie 21 inches rather than 10.5 inches). This is the default option for Odyssey, Ping and Bettinardi, all of whom manufacture arm lock putters.

Professionals who use this kind of grip include:

  • Will Zalatoris
  • Webb Simpson
  • Ted Potter Junior
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Matt Kuchar
  • Keegan Bradley

The only issue with thin arm lock putter grips is that they often aren’t sold separately. In other words, they basically come with the putter, and it isn’t that easy to find a replacement version.

Fortunately, there are a number of standard width 21″ putter grips currently available, which you can install on an armlock golf club.

JumboMax 21" Arm Lock Putter Grip

The JumboMax JMX ArmLock 21 putter grip from JumboMax® is a slightly oversized, pistol shape grip allowing you to easily lock the putter shaft against your forearm. The oval “pistol” shaped bottom and sides perfectly conform to your fingers for a relaxed, tension-free grip. Also ideal for long “belly” style putters, although that isn’t really a benefit because belly putters are now banned by the USGA rule on long putters.

The JMX ArmLock 21 features a twist-resistant, high-energy transfer core and an ultra-tacky polymer exterior surface for enhanced feel and traction in a variety of weather conditions. JumboMax Grips are on par with SuperStroke grips in terms of product quality. 

Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grip

USGA Certified Professional Arm-Lock Technique Putter Grip . Install on your regular putter or broomstick putter and rest the armlock putting grip against your forearm to provide the stability you are looking for.

Jumbo size 17” extended length (compared to standard 10.5” length) provides substantially larger grip for more flexibility.

The Arm Lock Converter Grip design reduces hand variability in your stroke, providing more balance and a unique feeling in your hands due to equally distributed weight (292g) across the entirety of the grip. A completely different feel from standard butt-end heavy grips where golfers get handsy.

Fat Arm Lock Putter Grips

Fat Arm Lock Putter grips are almost as popular as their thin counterparts. In our experience, the extra surface area offered by a fat grip like the Jumbo Max ultra makes it much easier to secure the putter against your forearm. At this point in time, Bryson DeChambeau is the most high profile professional that currently uses a Fat Arm Lock Putter Grip.

SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 17 Golf Putter Grip

The Flatso 17 is an extended version of the SuperStroke Flatso 3.0 putter grip that meets the needs of golfers who require something a little different, most notably those who prefer mid-length putters. Its distinct pentagonal profile is also a smart choice for golfers who position the putter grip against their lead forearm, offering increased stability from its 17-inch length and wide-front design.

JumboMax JumboFlat 17" Arm Lock Putter Grip

The JMX JumboFlat 17 arm-lock putter grip from JumboMax features the widest flat surface of any arm-lock grip, making it easy to lock it in against the forearm, and a rounded side perfectly formed to fit your fingers. The patent-pending tapered design was tour tested and perfected with input from PGA Tour sensation Bryson DeChambeau and has now been adopted by scores of other tour professionals.

It is important to note that the JumboFlat 17 can make it far easier to get comfortable with arm lock putting. The flat side sits very nicely against your inner forearm, making the whole stroke feel extremely stable. You can basically eliminate wrist break during the stroke, which can improve the consistency of your stroke, especially if you have the putting yips.

Wrist Lock Putter Grips

You may or may not be familiar with wrist lock putter grips. When we first reviewed the SuperStroke wrist lock putter grip, the experience wasn’t very positive, mainly because standard size putters are not built to accommodate the aggressive forward press that a wrist lock grip automatically promotes. However, we failed to acknowledge that arm lock putters are actually very well suited to wrist lock putter grips. In fact, you could almost call it a match made in heaven.

Wrist lock grips are literally shaped in such a way that makes it very easy to set the grip against your forearm. Everything quite literally locks into place seamlessly.

In addition, arm lock putters are built with extra loft than normal putters, because the the forward press delofts the putter face. This results in an effective loft of about 3 degrees, which is ideal on most modern greens (ie fast and smooth).

Importantly, when you combine a wrist lock grip with an arm lock putter, you can potentially unlock the best of both worlds. You get a grip that slots into your forearm, combined with a high loft long putter designed to accommodate a big forward press.

On this point it is worth mentioning that all of the arm lock putters in this buyers guide could be a good fit for a wrist lock grip. In addition, Evnroll have also produced two wrist lock putters, namely:

SuperStroke Traxion WristLock Golf Putter Grip

The WristLock is USGA approved and engineered to “lock” in the upper wrist to prevent any unwanted motion. This setup leads to greater consistency in starting the ball on-line and overall distance control. SuperStroke’s Patented No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke. Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke.

The SuperStroke Traxion WristLock Golf Putter Grip works for both right handed and left handed golfers as well as most putting styles such as traditional, left-hand low, claw, etc. Based on a golfers set-up and putting style that involves significant shaft lean or aggressive forward press, minor loft adjustment may be required to ensure the most efficient ball roll. Please note – this only applies to standard length putters. Arm lock putters are all built with high loft specs (6-8 degrees). 

EVNROLL Midlock Putter Grip

Evnroll Midlock is “Armlock made easy”. The Midlock grip features the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA. Evnroll positioned the grip sideways whereby the deep pistol pushes the shaft angle away from the mid-forearm, reducing the typical nine degrees of loft to just four, similar to a simple forward press.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Midlock grip is positioned halfway up the forearm, unlike a traditional armlock putter which extends to the elbow. With most armlock putters, you have to position the ball high off your lead toe which is not the most natural position for most golfers. The Midlock grip helps the putter feel like a traditional 34-inch putter that most golfers are accustomed to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An Arm Lock Putter Grip is an extra long putting grip specifically designed for arm lock putters. To provide more context, a standard putter grip is 10.5″, whereas Arm Lock Putter grips are generally between 17″ and 21″. Typically thin arm lock putter grips are 21″ long, while fat arm lock putter grips tend to be 17″.

Technically speaking you can, and you would legally be able to enter professional golf tournaments with this setup. However, you will probably find that when an arm lock grip is installed on a standard putter, the putter will feel short, light, and akward to hold. In addition, the effective loft of the putter will be too low, because of the automatic forward press this is created when you hold a putter grip against your forearm.

So to summarize, you can put an arm lock grip on a standard putter, but the setup will be less than optimal. Instead, it is recommended that you pair an arm lock grip with an arm lock putter to get the best results from the arm lock putting technique.

Bryson DeChambeau using JumboMax JumboFlat 17 Inch Putter Grip

At this moment in time, Bryson DeChambeau uses the JumboMax JumboFlat 17 Golf Putter Grip (white/black/silver colorway). In the past, he has used the same grip (JumboFlat 17), but in the red/white/blue USA themed colorway.