2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood

2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood – Which Club Should You Use

In this article, we compare the benefits of a 2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood. A 2 hybrid is a more versatile club, while a 3 wood is definitely better off the tee.

2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood Distance Comparison

There are two primary reasons that a 3 wood will travel further than a 2 hybrid, provided both clubs are left with their default settings.

Reason 1: A 3 Wood typically has a lower loft than a 2 hybrid

In most cases, the difference in loft will be between 2-3 degrees. So, based on default loft settings alone, there is a distance gap of about 1 club between a 3 wood and a 2 hybrid. Said another way, a 3 wood should travel about 12-20 yards further than a 2 hybrid, but sometimes even more than this if the fairways offer lots of run.

Reason 2: A 3 Wood has a longer shaft than a 2 hybrid

A longer shaft will automatically increase clubhead speed. So, if you currently swing your 3 wood at 100 mph, you can expect to swing your 2 hybrid at about 96 mph. This is one of the reasons the PGA tour has limited driver length to 46 inches. Because shaft length has a direct impact on clubhead speed, the PGA has implemented a shaft length limit that should prevent professionals from hitting the ball outrageous distances.

Adding to this, it doesn’t matter what your current swing speed is with a 3 wood. If you make a good swing with your 3 wood, your clubhead speed will almost certainly be about 3-5 miles faster than it is with your 2 hybrid.

Based on these two factors alone, most players will hit a 3 wood anywhere from 15-30 yards further than their 2 hybrid. The only real exception is players that have a mental block hitting a 3 wood off the deck. In that specific case, a player might be able to hit their 2 hybrid further than their 3 wood, because they are likely to make better contact with the ball with a 2 hybrid in their hands.

Loft Comparison – 2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood

  • The default loft of a modern 3 wood is about 15 degrees
  • The default loft of a modern 2 hybrid is about 17.5 degrees

It is important to understand that modern golf clubs tend to offer loft adjustability with drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. This allows you to increase or decrease the loft of the club by about 1.5 degrees.
Based on this, it is worth noting that a 3 wood loft can range from 13.5 degrees to 16.5 degrees, while a 2 hybrid loft can range from 15.5 degrees to 18.5 degrees, depending on the manufacturer.

If you struggle to hit your 3 wood, you could potentially loft your 2 hybrid all the way down to 15.5 degrees, and simply remove the 3 wood from your bag. This isn’t necessarily ideal for most players, but it is an option for golfers that just don’t gel with a 3 wood off the tee and off the deck.

Clubhead Size – 2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood

You don’t even need to do any measurements to appreciate that a 2 hybrid has a much more compact head than a 3 wood.
To put this in perspective:

  • The size of a modern 3 wood head ranges from 170 -190 cc
  • Conversely, a 2 hybrid head is closer to 120 cc

Based on these numbers, you could say that the size a 3 wood clubhead is about 30% larger than a 2 hybrid clubhead. Visually, the difference actually looks bigger than that. A modern 3 wood clubhead is very large. That’s partly why 3 woods are so difficult to hit off the deck. It’s almost like hitting an old school driver off the deck. That’s how big 3 wood heads have become.

Shaft Length – 2 Hybrid vs 3 Wood

As mentioned earlier, the shaft length of a 3 wood is usually about 1.5 inches longer than the shaft length of a 2 hybrid. This means that most golfers will swing a 3 wood about 3-5 miles faster than they are able to swing a 2 hybrid. Faster clubhead speed will translate to extra distance in almost all circumstances.

When the extra clubhead speed (from the shaft length) is combined with the stronger loft of a 3 wood, the maximum distance potential for most players is considerably greater than a 2 hybrid. For most players, a 3 wood should travel about 25 yards further than a 2 hybrid, provided both clubs are struck well.

Advantages of Using A 3 Wood

  • 3 Woods travel further than 2 hybrids
  • 3 Woods Are Generally More Useful Off The Tee Box
  • A 3 Wood is a great option for players that struggle to hit driver
  • You are more likely to reach the green in 2 shots on extremely long par 5’s

Disdvantages of Using A 3 Wood

  • You need to have a shallow angle of attack to hit a 3 wood well off the deck
  • The size of the clubhead can make a 3 wood difficult to hit off the fairway
  • It can be very tough to hit a 3 wood out of thick rough, especially if the ball is buried

Advantages of Using A 2 Hybrid

  • The shorter shaft should give you more control
  • Hitting a hybrid is more like hitting an iron
  • A 2 Hybrid Is More Forgiving Than A 3 Wood
  • Hybrids tend to be pretty good out of the rough

Disdvantages of Using A 2 Hybrid

  • A 2 Hybrid Is Shorter Than A 3 Wood
  • Some Players May Struggle with a Hook Tendency
  • Hybrids Sometimes Run Through The Green

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Hybrid Replaces A 3 Wood?

In order to truly replace your 3 wood with a hybrid, you would need to find a 2 hybrid that can be lofted all the way down to 15.5 degrees. Taylormade, Ping, Cobra, Callaway and Titleist all make 2 hybrids that can actually be set as low as this.

It is worth noting that when a 2 hybrid is set all the way down to 15.5-16 degrees, it would be more fitting to call it a 1 hybrid.
So just to reiterate, a 2 hybrid that can be delofted to 15.5 degrees (or thereabout) can be considered a direct replacement for a 3 wood. This is a perfectly respectable set up for players that just can’t get a 3 wood to behave off the tee or the deck.

Who Makes A 2 Hybrid?

Almost all of the big equipment companies make 2 hybrids. This includes Taylormade, Titleist, Ping, Callaway and Cobra. These hybrids have a default loft of about 17.5 degrees, and they usually offer loft adjustability of about 1.5 degrees as well.

In addition, if you already own an adjustable 3 hybrid, it is entirely possible for you to turn it into a 2 hybrid, by simpling lofting down. Aim for something in the region of 17-17.5 degrees and you’re all set.

How hard is a 2 hybrid to hit?

A 2 hybrid is comparable to a 4 hybrid in terms of forgiveness and difficulty. Said another way, of all the clubs available in the region of 17-18 degrees, a 2 hybird is almost certainly the easiest club to hit for most players. The bullet points below help clarify this point.

  • 2 Hybrid: Easiest to hit
  • 5 Wood: Almost as easy to hit
  • 3 Wood: Somewhat difficult to hit off the deck
  • 2 Iron: Difficult to hit off the tee and the deck, unless you have a very high swing speed